Thursday, June 12

The dark side of corporate world

Each and everyone of us seems to have our individual opinions when it pertains to our desired job and while some of us prefer the glamour of corporate work, that is certainly just not for me. Earlier to this, I was disillusioned into believing that corporate endeavor was the best alternative. I do not forget the times when I was in the university and look at those people in their business clothing, I deemed they were fabulous. Naturally, I was firmly charged upon college commencement and was driven to plan my career achievements.

A couple of years subsequently, my opinions have taken a dramatic u-turn. Management and business employment are in actuality not as attractive as I pictured them to be. Do not get me wrong. I managed to enlist in among the many Fortune 500 organisations and I'm not kidding you. Subsequent to enduring two years of suffering being seated behind the cubical day-after-day and looking for the clock hand to move past 6 pm, I made up my mind that I could tolerate it no more.

Corporate world gives you glamour. But happiness?

You might call me hotheaded, but as much as I am able to ascertain, I have made an effort speaking to my peers who graduate at about the same time as me. Incredibly, more than half of whom I spoke to were in the identical circumstance or worse than myself. Personally,, financial was not the issue. In view that our country is still searching ourselves from the economic recession, most of us were decently remunerated.

My job at the company where I worked for was never at threat. In all honesty, I really should admit that the one thing that I could not endure was the office politics. I hate it when I must be not who I am. I detest it when I have to disagree for the sake of arguing instead of to arrive at progress. I attempted to imagine what I want to be 2 or three decades from now and I stated to myself that I just cannot see myself working the same stuff and still be joyful. I deemed my life is far too priceless and there are much more I ought to and want to do in life. Now that I have given up the corporate world, I simply picture myself not turning back for regardless of the rationality.

In the 2 years that I was clung in 'corporate jail', I had accrued good amount of financial savings that allowed me to realize my other passion in life and coincidentally, it is the culinary field. Despite the fact that my passion is highly demanding (you understand how kitchen functions) and exhausting, I am finding pleasure in myself all the time and time just passes on without me ever noticing it.

This is the weblog that I plan to write during my leisure and I am just starting into this entire blogging stuff. Take them as my private diary. You could very well find my content motivating and that is extremely good. But otherwise, I still have to say thank you for stopping by.

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